New City Paradise is a new PHATA-approved housing society. Also, the Society is near the CPEC Route. The Burhan Interchange and the M-1 Motorway are also closeby to the housing project.

About US


Chaudhry Qamar Zaman is the chairman of our company. Also, Mr Chaudry Saad Zaman is the CEO of our company. We had massive success with our previous projects. So now we are developing phase 3 of the project. Moreover, we name this housing complex New City Paradise.

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Our mission is to develop a housing complex that meets all investors' expectations. Thus, it will provide them with a perfect living place. Also, our aim is that more people have access to the best and great investment opportunities. We provide the finest urban town planning and attractive features.

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Our vision is to be the most trustworthy and reliable real estate developer. Also, we want to provide the best investment opportunities for our clients. Finally, we want the trust of our customers. So we make everything about our project public and transparent.

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Our Vision


PHATA Approved

NOC Registration No. DG-PHATA/W-1/PHS/61/2022). Also, buyers can visit the official website of PHATA to ensure the NOC validity

Prime Location

New City Paradise's location boosts the confidence of investors. Which is suitable for the real estate market.

Rapid Growth

The building of Society is proceeding rapidly. The community is quickly developing into a fully functional society.


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New City Wah Phase 1
New City Wah Phase I
New City Paradise
New City Paradise
New City Wah Phase 2
New City Wah Phase II


New City Paradise has a high-quality infrastructure. Also, it will create a good return on investment. It will also enhance the standards of residents. Infrastructure is a prime factor in investment. Also, our team has tried making the housing project more practical. Its architecture will be better for the success of Society.

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Our team worked together to design New City Paradise master plan. Also, our crew consists of architects, engineers, and urban planners. Our team has planned almost 20,000 Kanals of land for the Society's master plan. But, the relevant authorities have only allowed 4,256 Kanal. Thus, the project has every facility for the ease of the customers. Our team are also keen on preserving the natural surroundings. We want to create an ideal Society. Thus, the residents may look forward to living in a peaceful, eco-friendly Society.

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Master Plan New City Paradise


The New City Paradise NOC has received approval from the PHATA. Also, the registration number: is DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022. PHATA has approved only 4,256 Kanal. Moreover, our management team is trying to get NOCs from other relevant authorities. It's essential to gain the confidence of investors. The value of such housing and real estate developments also increases over time.



New City Paradise location map is on the CPEC Road and the Burhan Interchange. Moreover, the M-1 Motorway is close to Society. The adjoining 330-foot G.T. Road provides easy access to all of Society. Also, Society's main street is 250 feet wide for your driving convenience. The M1 Motorway is also the community. So the trip from the Burhan Interchange is not more than half an hour either. Also, it's convenient to Rawalpindi's main G.T. Road and close to Old Wah City.

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New City Paradise Location


The management has provided the affordable New City Paradise payment plan. Also, we understand that it is easy for buyers to pay in installments. So we offer easy installment to our buyers. Buyers can witness lower prices in our societies than in other communities. Yet if they invest now, they will get massive profits. Also, there is the platter deal, which provides buyers with several plots at once.

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New City Paradise Payment Plan


This Society is a fantastic investment opportunity. So, buyers can get many benefits from investing in this housing complex. Society is the best place to live. Moreover, if they want their own homes without going over budget. The following are the amenities you can find in this Society Some of the investment benefits of New City Paradise are

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Amenities & Features


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