New City Paradise Location Map


New City Paradise location map is on the CPEC Road and the Burhan Interchange. Moreover, the M-1 Motorway is close to Society. The adjoining 330-foot G.T. Road provides easy access to all of Society. Also, Society's main street is 250 feet wide for your driving convenience. The M1 Motorway is also the community. So the trip from the Burhan Interchange is not more than half an hour either. Also, it's convenient to Rawalpindi's main G.T. Road and close to Old Wah City.

New City Paradise Location

Many economic hubs are within easy distance of the community. Thus, location is the primary driver for implementing the new payment plan. Also, the payment plans are affordable.

New City Paradise Access Points

The Society is an ideal location. Also, buyers can access Society from various routes. Some of these access points are
 Develop near Burhan Interchange
 2 minutes from the M-1 Motorway
 10 minutes drive from the Hazara Motorway
 10 minutes away from the New City Wah
 15 minutes distance from the Brahma Jhang, Bahtar Interchange
 18 minutes distance from the twin cities Interchange
 20 minutes away from the New Islamabad International Airport
 22 minutes distance from the Quaid Avenue
 25 minutes drive from the M-2 Motorway
 26 minutes from the Jhang Bahtar Road
 36 minutes drive from the Thalian Interchange

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The Society is in a prime location. Also, many other housing projects are developing in the same area. It will make increase the worth of Society. So, the main sites and landmarks near the Society are
 Burhan Interchange
 Twin Cities
 Karma City
 Wah City
 Taxila City
 New City Arcade
 Wah Cantt
 UET University Wah
 Pakistan Ordinance Factory, Wah
 Model Town, Wah
 Wah Gardens
 M-1 Motorway
 POF Golf Club
 Hassan Abdal
 M-2 Motorway


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