This Society is a fantastic investment opportunity. So, buyers can get many benefits from investing in this housing complex. Society is the best place to live. Moreover, if they want their own homes without going over budget. The following are the amenities you can find in this Society Some of the investment benefits of New City Paradise are

Amenities & Features

PHATA Approved

Every skilled investor seeks NOC-approved projects. As it is a more secure investment opportunity. Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency approve the New City Paradise NOC for 4256 Kanal of land. It is a lawful Society. So, investing in it is risk-free. Moreover, the Society NOC Registration No. DG-PHATA/W-1/PHS/61/2022). Also, buyers can visit the official website of PHATA to ensure the NOC validity.

Prime Location

New City Paradise's location boosts the confidence of investors. Which is suitable for the real estate market. Moreover, its located on the M1 Motorway and the CPEC Route. So it is the most make accessible Society. More, it won't even be a kilometre from the Burhan interchange. So because of these conveniences, it will be the best investment opportunity.

Quality Infrastructure

Society has a high-quality infrastructure. Also, it will create a good return on investment. It will also enhance the standards of residents. Infrastructure is a prime factor in investment. Also, our team has tried making the housing project more practical. Its architecture will be better for the success of Society.

Affordable Rates

Like Kingdom Valley Islamabad, this Society is also very affordable. The New City Paradise Investment is a good fit for buyers of all classes. Also, our management has created affordable payment plans. There are also installment plans. It will increase the population of investment rates in the area. Besides, the 3.5 Marla plot in New City Paradise is only rs 1,295,000/- Investment Opportunity A variety of commercial plot sizes will be available in this residential area. So, locals will have a chance at the future in any business. The simple reason is that the building standards are high. Also, the land prices are fair. All of these benefits will aid the Society's expansion.


Each building and entrance/exit will have CCTV cameras. They are monitoring Society. Also, guards will be a part of Society. Besides, it is a gated community.


The best schools will become part of Society. Also, these educational facilities are so close to the community. It will make commuting accessible. Nova City and the Red Wood Foundation are in the New City Wah. Good schools are another priority for New City Paradise master plan.

Medical Facilities

Our Society will construct brand-new hospitals and clinics. Also, they will be fully equipped. They have modern healthcare equipment and amenities. Besides, the staff will always be present to tackle any situation. Thus, the healthcare services will be best in quality.

Underground Power Grid

There will be no power outages in Society. Also, management will have installed all wiring underground for control and safety. The safety of the residents is the most important thing for us. So, our team take extra care of these matters.

Rapid Growth

The building of Society is proceeding rapidly. The community is quickly developing into a fully functional society. Also, investors will soon be receiving plots from the administration. Therefore, it is an excellent investment chance for buyers. As Society is still developing, its prices are low.

Salient Features

Society has very fantastic features. Some of the key features of Society are
• Legal Society
• Famous Builders
• Ideal Location
• Easy Access
• Affordable Prices
• Power Backup
• Commercial Area
• Recreational Areas
• Availability of Essentials
• Healthcare Facilities
• Park for Senior Citizens
• Security System
• Proper Sewerage System
• Place for dumping
• Power Grid
• Water Tanks
• Water Filtration Plants

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